Her legs hanged,
Her deep scream,
Bleeding profusely,
The movement of the needle,
Between her legs.
She endured,
The child was birthed.
In that pain,
The child was feed.
Groaning and panting,
She kept smiling.

She slept without food,
Pretending to be filled,
Enduring starvation.
Days of denying social outings,
Because she had to watch over him,
Times she would cry,
Because he is ill.
She withstand the pains,
Of biting her nipples,
Tapping him gently,
To be soft on her.
Her heart was filled,
With love and passion,
The joy of motherhood,
Was indeed her pride.
I am celebrating all women, who
truly are definition of motherhood.
That’s for withstanding the pains
of child birth, training us happily believing we would appreciate you later.
I love you mothers.
I am proud to be one in making.
Happy international women’s day.
written by Olaleye oluwadamilola

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