Call me no Abiku;
‘Cos situation warranted it not,
‘Cos i was born without no desire.

Call me no Abiku;
‘Cos out of despair did my birth came,
‘Cos out of anxiety did i came into this world.

Call me no Abiku;
‘Cos i wished to stay but life was too cruel to my tenderness,
‘Cos you never knew i so much love to live but fairness wasn’t the way of life.

Call me no Abiku;
‘Cos just like the storm against the tree, i wrestled with death,
‘Cos you thought it was my wish to go.

Call me no Abiku;
‘Cos just like the flowing ocean,
I flowed in direction of the tide of happiness not sorrow,
‘Cos i didn’t just come into the earth to be treated with unkindness.

Call me no Abiku,
‘Cos if you cherish and care, you wouldn’t loose me,
‘Cos if you just know my treatment and care, I’d forever dance in the lovely bosom of life and glow with happiness in life staying with you forever.

Written by Adegun Wuraola



April 7, 2017


April 7, 2017