The delusion that the earth is a
perfect sphere and that life should be fair is what makes it unfair. We all
sometimes talk about things in a place we’ve just gotten to or in a place we’re
aspiring to be as if it is where we’ve tread on before, even if differences are
bound to be. But in reality it doesn’t come that way. Putting it in God’s hands
is not enough but does it fit to God’s plans?

A newly married couple talks about
the number of kids they want and what their sex would be. After giving birth to
those kids and they’re not who they thought they’d be then blaming God or each
A student in a new environment
uses the success he had in the past to predict how successful he’d be in the
new place. But after writing an exam with questions from the pit of hell, he
begins to realize it’s not always smooth. He fully realizes after seeing
results, then you hear him say “no be beans o!”
We must accept the fact that
situation of things in political positions may not be suitable to fulfill
election promises. But why must you promise heaven and earth when you know the
reality of the matter is hell. Even if you don’t know, must you make promises
that may be unrealistic?
It’s not always the way we want it
to be. So at every failure, you might have done nothing wrong, you might have
done everything necessary and still fail. You’ve done nothing wrong but you’re
wrong. You’re wrong because you failed to see things as they are. “Hope
for the best but prepare for the worst.”
written by Odetokun Elijah


February 6, 2017


February 6, 2017