You are enough right now.
Gifts, skills, and talents are special things.
The more we use it, the more they develop.

Stop hiding under the canopy
Of not having enough or not being enough
Or not knowing enough to do something.

There is something you know
That others do not know but need to know.
Come out and speak up.

There is something you can do
That will benefit a multitude.
Come out and do it.

There is something you have
That somebody out there needs!
Come out and give it.

Yes, you need to grow and you need to develop,
Yes you need to know more and have more,
But how can you have more,
How can you know more,
If you do not spread out?

How can you develop your skill and knowledge
If you do not work them out?

There’s an old, proverbial saying,
“Whatever you want, give it first.”

No matter how bad you want something,
Somebody is badly in need of one thing-
You have in abundance.

As we go through today, bring that thing out!
Have it in mind;
“Right now, I am just enough for somebody!”

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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