The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Everybody believes that Rome wasn’t built in a day, I know you believe that too. But we all forget to remember that a part of it was built in one day. I have come to full understanding the journey which lies before an Entrepreneur, that is; one who wants to make it at all cost and all I can say is “it’s worth it”

The journey to being an entrepreneur is not an easy one as most idle people see it as something cheap. But with persistence and consistency sets the journey on an easy foot. The truth is, people, see a great man today as a mere piece of luck. They forget that frustration, insult, depression, hunger, heartbreak are ingredients to becoming one. Of course, I also believe luck is attached to success but that is about 3% of the whole time.

Hard work itself is the main ingredient to being a successful person. People wouldn’t see the midnight candles burnt on writing a business proposal, the sleepless night, fragile heart nor lonely mind. I come to terms with myself that there are times when an entrepreneur won’t even eat nor drink just to see its business bloom. It’s so easy for people to judge something good as mere easy and a piece of luck.

My verdict- Entrepreneurs are the future of tomorrow. They strive so hard to create a good environment to accommodate the large mass. They search inwardly the things people want rather than what they need and then create a business around it. They give up from the noise of this world just to connect you with the real world. Do you believe your government can single-handedly create an enabling environment for you?

Stop being a setback to entrepreneurs, their job isn’t easy. But if you think it is, then try to pursue and nurture a career from scratch. I give you just eight months. Respect those who work hard to make this world a better place.

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