Thus says my spirit;
Forget not her iniquities
Neither blot out her sins.

Keep to your heart, her words.
That which she said to hurt
And to steal, kill and destroy.

Let her deceit resonates.
Let its silence continue to scream
Far beyond the crippling sound of love.

Take to heart, her ways.
For she comes like an angel
But possesses like a demon.

Remember her in days of trouble,
Let her thoughts mourn from your heart.
Let vengeance cremate her while alive.

Sharpen your mouth with death.
Wash your tongue in curses
And baptize her with pain from the ends of the earth.

Let her tears dry up
And her cries as silent as the grave.
Give her mourning to the dead.

Thus says my spirit;
Let not her soul be free
Nor should her being feel peace.

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Written by Tokede Daniel

He is a writer of poetry and inspirational quotes which by every means necessary has evolved his environs into a more profound intellectual society. His simplified words and yet cogent messages in his poetry distinguished him from other poets. He is the writer of Parting Roses. His pen name is “solution_cares”.

You can contact him at

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