I try hard to forget
But it keeps coming back.
I try hard not to remember
But it jeeps honking on me.

I try hard not to reminisce about you
But I keep remembering it like my favorite birthday.
I try hard to get over it
But the beauty of your eyes refuses me.

I try hard to obviate the sweet fragrance of your memories
But it is unforgettable.
I try hard to forget all these things
But the taste of your lips never leaves my tongue.

I try hard to forget
But it’s like a hole in my heart.
I try hard for this day not to come
But your image erupted it.

I try hard to let you go
But it is like a pain in the ass.
I try hard to keep you out of my head
But your love still finds its way back.
Your love is the inhibition that restrains my free-will.

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Written by Oyetoro Oluwafikunayomi


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