This is who I chose to embrace,
To protect my dignity,
To preserve my purity,
So that in the eyes of Allah,
My heart and appearance will grant me access into his holy place.

I wear my hijab with pride,
You may call it a veil,
Yet it’s too beautiful for me to hide,
Many say I’m “covering my assets”
That I need to be “more open” for their preying eyes to access.

I’m not an open book,
But my heart is a library,
It fears God,
And daily meditates on the holy book.

My body is a temple,
Not a jungle,
I’m not an expressway you can freely ride on,
Those who trod that path
They are all dead and gone.

O ye girls, wrap close your hijab
So you won’t be misled by deceitful tongues who commits haram
My way of dressing isn’t enforced by man,
It’s a law from God and I must obey His command.

Before I was born, it was in existence,
The prophets and their wives wore it to honor the most benevolence.
With the right to prosper and grow,
Reaping the good seeds we have sown.

I’m not oppressed as you can see,
For Allah has given us liberty,
When He brought Islam,
To you and me.

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Written by Majekodunmi Kenny


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