What does this actually mean to anyone? I believe we are in a
world where we fully need to examine ourselves taking full responsibility of
our action. We should come to terms with ourselves that until we fully take
accountability  for whatever happens in
our life, we are just a matter in this world; occupying space.
You know! It is quite easy to devote yourself to something
which is less beneficial to you but of utmost importance. Thus, few persons are
being asked the question about life, they say it’s a dream, some ‘a game’, some
‘an adventure’, some to an extent of saying it’s ‘a battle’. But until you take
full charge of your situation, you still don’t know the reason of your
Understanding yourself is therefore, knowing why you were
born and what you were born to do. It’s a pity that most people often think in
a way “leave the earth as you met it” but a few only understand that though I
don’t know I got here but, I need to make a mark on the world; I need to let the
world know that indeed i existed.
For if you and I begin to think like this, believe me; this
world is going to be a more better and favorable place urging the next generations
supersede our own achievement. For the greatest achievement of life began from
the imagination of man fully understanding that if indeed he was in existence,
he must strive hard to leave a legacy behind.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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