Evil! Abomination! Tragedy!
The elephant that died in the forest,
Was feast upon by the clay pot.
The Buffalo that died in the desert,
Became a meat to the clay pot.
And now that the clay pot has broken,
Who shall feast upon its own carcasses?

What a calamity!
The once beautiful woman turns a beastly giant,
Feeding upon the fleshes of her own sons,
And quench her thirst with the blood of her daughters.
Tell me; who shall wail over her own death?

Shall we call upon the bones of Chinua for another prophecy?
Or who shall we send on voyage to Okigbo to come to our rescue?
Shall we continue hoping for Emecheta’s milky breasts of liberty?
Or shall we call upon the ghost of Saro Wiwa to grant us the taste of his
Tell me; who is even brave enough to beat the revolutionary drum of Fela Anikulapo?

You said; the mighty ones have fallen.
But tell me; are the mightier ones even yet born?
You said; the hand of the clock is irreversible,
But shall we continue to sit and watch it ticking?

Shame has covered herself with the precious garment of fame;
Rat infiltrated our power house,
Snake swallowed our currency,
Cows now feed upon the fleshes of our kinsmen,
And quench their thirst with the precious blood of our brethren
Even cockroaches in broad daylight steal our bread.
Tell me; should we keep sitting with our hands fold until ordinary ants climb into our skull and take our very precious breath?

If the hand of time is irreversible,
Then, shouldn’t we just have it broken and make for ourselves a new time?
With its radar rotating to our pleasure?
But here we are; standing under the umbrella of our villains,
And we keep appraising them for their protection.
Tell me, haven’t they caused the scorching sun,
And the heart drenching rain?


Written by Agele Ayo


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