Dreams were made,
Much effort applied.
Just to make it come true,
Aims were achieved.

Wealth is all we strived for,
Mansions were built.
Attractive furniture and
Latest electronics to match it all.

Billions in the bank,
Contracts everywhere.
Promotions, not left out
We felt the sweetness of life.

We lived large and
Felt so much comfort.
Forgetting we were just
Here on numbered days.

The cold hands of death
Caught us unaware.
All our desires and achievement,
Destroyed in a blink of an eye.

All dreams became shattered,
Achievement became worthless.
Aims at that moment
Could not be.

We can never get tired of life
But death would arrive unannounced.
Prepared or not,
Once here, that is the end.

We would want to sacrifice a lot
But nothing would stand in place.
When the destroyer of desire
All protocol would be put on hold.

Written by Raheem Ruqqayah


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  1. Rodiat says:

    Babe.. I love this

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  2. testaro says:

    Thanks for the review, Jom!

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  3. menschmerz says:

    Ajayi Olubiyi, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

    1. Hi Menschmerz,

      Thanks for the compliment. It’s so great you loved the post.Much kudos to the writer of the piece.

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