Most times, in order to achieve something really worthwhile,
one has to act with sincerity. You have to put in mind that what people feel
about you on a long run might not be able to make you push far enough but will
make you everything you would ever need in your life. You will never see any
successful person who has not been let-down before or has not gotten through
rough times, for its in circumstances like this that makes them resilient and
They say; “the harder the task, the greater the character
builder”. Albert Einstein said the best, in order to live a life with “No criticism,
do nothing, be nothing, achieve nothing” But I tell you, for as long as you
want to do something great, you have got to accept the fact and tune your
thinking in this manner.
For a few people, it looks ridiculous, saying this world is
vanity and nothing to achieve, but put to mind that in life, we are never the
same. There is some kind of good feelings when you are doing something
excelling others are not doing, therefore, do not give up. It may look tough
and rough and you wonder when the day heavens will be opened unto you but
There is one sure principle about life, as long as you put
diligence, discipline, determination into something worth your time, that thing
will come out fulfilling; blessing all the hurdles and struggles you have been
through. Remember this; hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.
Have a definitive mindset today, write your goals; go for it. 

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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