It’s indeed true that a person with wisdom will rule the
world. I have come to the understanding that wisdom is profitable and it’s the
most valuable gift a person can receive from God. As always said that the
complexity of life lies in its simplicity, that’s how it’s so difficult to
compare between how a person should become to what will become of a person.

I believe we all have a vital role to play in this life and
therefore will need the knowledge of wisdom to understand every bit of life.
You have got to do what is meant to be done and overlook what shouldn’t be
meant of now. For the world is looking for that person who will rise up in the
morning and carry on the vision of yesterday and believe In it, the world is
searching vigorously for that person with an unwavering mindset. You can be
this person, all it takes is tuning yourself to the believe that you can be
that great person you always see yourself as.
The truth is that if you can change your thinking, you will
begin to change your world even if you are starting small, you are gradually
gaining grounds and the sky will only testify to your good works and grant you
a space up there.

written by
Ajayi Olubiyi

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