They say many were called,
But few were chosen,
But I wish I wasn’t chosen,
For I was culled not called.
No glimpse of hope,
Cause they’ve gum up the works.
Everyday a new dirty scope,
Bursting forth like fireworks.

Don’t try to give us hope,
Cause there’s none.
Even when you’re gone,
Your children will grope.
Building future for their children,
Tying knots and becoming in-laws.
Against our survival; they give laws,
For their continuity; they turn kindred’s.
Heroes of the past at their deaths
Regretted and wished they never fought.
Their deaths were brutal,
Rendering their sacrifices futile.
There’s a hope for the future,
And the future is in our hands,
But we’re in their hands,
Ever ready to crush us and the future.
I believe in Nigeria,
If we only have a chance,
But all we’ve got is a glance,
Leaving us to die with euphoria.

by Odetokun Elijah

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