We are what we think we can be. Our
limit starts with our thinking. What you think you can do will affect what you
are capable of doing. Your thinking is a big barrier to what you can do. Always
think out of the box, you are far better than what you think of yourself.
Do not limit yourself with your
thinking because you don’t know what you are capable of doing, until you find
yourself doing more than what you think you can. Come to think of it, your
thinking can only give you a few minute excitement and before u know it’s all
gone. But your doing gives you fulfillment and brings out the better part in
Never let your thinking weigh
less, always remember to think big and work more.
Are you thinking of starting a
business? Why not start with something rather than thinking alone.
Do you probably have a set goal
you are thinking about? Why not stop thinking about that goal and work towards
accomplishing the set goals.
I urge you to start working and
stop thinking so that your goals will be reached as not to allow your vision to
become dreams and your mission to a journey.
written by Obaoluwa David 

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