Have you ever been caught up in the midst of quitting? Have
you ever felt uneasy about your current situation? Have you skipped your night
rest just for vigorous thinking? Have you thought of how big you will become?
Have you been spoken to in your dream never to quit? Have you answered to your
call in life? I know you have been covered upside down by myths and lies. I
really see how confused you are; it’s true that it’s very difficult to make up
one’s mind.
You really don’t know how to escape this nightmare, this tragic
situation, you want to fly like the eagle, very high and you want to set
yourself free. Remember, they don’t struggle to explain success. Remember how
you started, you can’t quit again. You just have to put that courage and faith
together because you are going somewhere even you can’t explain.
You truly know that when you finally let go of your trapped
self, you going to move all nations just because it’s your time. Then you will
know your time has come. Listen, you are closer than you think, you are getting
loosened already.
Just hold on, you will soar high, far higher than the Eagles
might. Your miracle comes already, don’t leave it locked out. You are
henceforth making your mark; you haven’t just recognized it yet. For God has
helped you reach there.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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