At the bosom of my beloved
Through her infinite beck and call
There, I want to be.

In her wild imaginations
Filled with blazing monsters
There, will I be with my piercing words.

All-around her fierce thoughts
That’s made up of colors of future come
There, I will engrave my heart

In her despicable times
Created out of life’s variations
There, will I be with my extended arms.

When nature beats her with the weather
Be it rain or sunshine
In there, will I become her umbrella.

Even if she falls a thousand times
Due to circumstances uncontrolled
Right there will I be as her backbone.

Shades of storms and clouds
Beating her all the way to stardom
With my heart, will I take the first blow.

When running is all that seems right to her
And her legs fail to comply
Then certainly will I take the first step.

When tears fill her eyes
And pain pricks her skin
With no regrets will I take her place.

If death is all but certain
And she wishes to break free
My soul will cross-over to prepare her arrival.

Even when her heart becomes weary
Because her love for me is uncertain
Through eternity will I be there waiting.

A Modified 2016/07/14 Article

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Written by Tokede Daniel

He is a writer of poetry and inspirational quotes which by every means necessary has evolved his environs into a more profound intellectual society. His simplified words and yet cogent messages in his poetry distinguished him from other poets. He is the writer of Parting Roses. His pen name is “solution_cares”.

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