Slowly she was singing to herself
a song of valor
Holding on her, a pen and a set of
Swinging round the furnished chair
like the lady in the movie; last survivor
Candidly putting her minds on
paper to write; she began.
I know no one loves me anymore,
not again
Just like the first day I was made
to walk, I still crawled
No one is willing to light my
dying love, am so in disarray
Now am back to square one; a
Juliet without a Romeo.
All I have worked for in love is
all gone
Just like a distant vehicle horn,
but not seen
I am now made to whisper to thin
air considering the fact that no one is near
All you ever expected of me was to
groan, grunt and growl.
But I am soon fast rising, you
would ever imagine
Though it was a wrecked fall, I
have just got to fall forward.
Written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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