Our homes despite in mountainous fences we still live in total fear

The UNCROWNED KINGS are still on the throne— NIGERIA NA HARAM

Our brothers, fathers are still being lost in the mid-day darkness of the Sambisa forest
No! In the throat of an enclave called Maiduguri for in the name of a betrayed country

For in the name of a burning fortress called the hearth of Africa

Our brothers have lost their limbs to the blasts of daylight

Our fathers lost their crowns to the blasts of the squeaking night to be fed on by the squawking vultures.

Our homes have become fatherless; a desolate monastery
Silence becoming our newly found language

Their lives became a game of war— diced and tossed about
Tossed and diced around

They have been deceived by their ilk’s; by the vain promise garb in the uniform of unflinching loyalty

They are told the terrorists are there!
They are here!
Only to be lured and make a meal by the flesh scavengers

May those responsible for our forlorn grieve receive the same in turn in their numbers.


Haram: Arabic Word for Something Forbidden

Written by Maruf Nola


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