I long for you;
like a newborn baby
longs to suck her mother’s breast.

Your body scent, I want to inhale.
Your sweat, I want to taste.
Your lips, I want to kiss.
Your chest, I want to lay on.

Lay on me, me on you.
I want to feel that breath,
The breath that capture mine
And put me in bondage.

If it’s a charm working,
make it unrevokable.
If it’s your physique,
let it be mine forever.
If it’s your words,
keep it in touch still.

If it’s your care,
let it keep going.
Whatever it may be,
let it live with us forever.

For I know,
my love for you is inexplicable
as my heart says
“it is unavoidable”

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 Written by Oni Oluwadamilola


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