When things seem not right,
When things seem not fine,
When things seem too hard to bear,
We wonder, ‘who or what to blame’?

Should we blame death,
When abruptly our loved ones leave?
Or we blame them,
For disappointing us?

Should we blame poverty,
When we have too many needs not met,
Or we blame self,
For not meeting up?

Should we blame friends,
For betraying us?
Or we blame self,
For depending too much?

Should we blame people,
For disappointing us?
Or we blame self,
For expecting so much?

No matter what we go through,
Taking up responsibility is what that counts:
Blame no one,
Be accountable for your lots,
And you’ll see more reasons to be happy.

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Odetunde Victor


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2 thoughts on “WHO TO BLAME?

  1. Potentvik says:

    Be responsible.

  2. Temiloluwa says:

    Nice,more insight for you sir

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