Don’t be carried away; do not give way to the horrid things going on around you. If life gives you lemon; make lemonade out of it. You need to get out of your bed and think about how you are going to make an honest living. I do not know how to put this, but we need to wake up from this life of delusion and to life’s reality.

Be there for people when they need you and they will be there when you need them. Always be on the verge to explore. Think this and think it through; what if there was no smartphone, no software, no social media, etc. what could we make out of ourselves?

Remember, you are allowed to live anywhere but not in your comfort zone. How long do you want to remain ignorant? Do not look down on any invention, let them motivate you, if you keep looking down, you won’t know the chances you miss by not looking up.

Start living in a world where you give people your love and not your likes. You can be whatever you want to be. Remember, you have a finite number of days, go out into the world to explore and leave distractions behind, live life the real way.

A Modified 2016/09/27 Article

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2 thoughts on “ILLUSION

  1. Michael Adesiji says:

    You never cease to grease our elbows on the journey to success.

    Thanks for the motivational piece, Sir.

  2. Olufemi Soole says:

    Wonderful Piece

    Illusion indeed

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