In a society where having big boobs, fat butts
And a body shape of a coca-cola bottle,
Makes you the most wanted commodity by guys,
I was never enough.

In a Society where having rich parents
Guarantees you a 4.0 CGPA,
I was never brilliant.

In a Society where having many Facebook likes
And Instagram makes you acceptable,
I never felt pretty.

In a Society where being a churchie
Automatically makes you the number one person
On the queue to heaven,
I was never a Christian.

In a Society where if you are too close to a particular girl,
Means the both of you have a sexual relationship
I was never straight.

In a Society where having too many
Male friends make you a slut,
I was never a virgin.

In a Society where you tell someone you’re
Suffering from depression, they tell you,
“Depression doesn’t exist”
You are just being crazy or you are a lunatic,
I was never sane.

In a Society where being wired differently
Makes you weird,
I was never normal.

In a Society where having a
Mental illness makes you evil,
I was never good.

In a Society where being an
Introvert makes you a Snob,
I was never friendly.

In a society where always
Wearing black makes you a mourner,
I was never happy.

Written by Ojero Kendy BleHsin


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