I’d always joke with Bimbo, saying: “If you fall, I’d laugh”
And she would always reply: “There won’t be any meaning to your laughter because I also would laugh.”
There’s a lot of knowledge in such a seemingly simple reply.

Laughing at yourself tells others that you are not perfect.
Laughing at yourself tells them you recognize your faults, your flaws, and your weaknesses.

Laughing at yourself will do you a lot of good because you won’t be pained when somebody laughs at you for that same reason.

When you laugh at a mistake you have made;
When you trip, fall and laugh;
When your clothes mistakenly rip off and then you laugh,
When you sleep off in a class and you drool over yourself and laugh;
It puts you out there, it tells people that they are very much welcomed to laugh with you, not at you.

It releases you of insecurity;
Of the need to be perfect in everything.
It makes you human, and as ironic as this is,
It makes you a little more perfect.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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