I writhed in pain for hours, tossed around the bed like an earthworm under salt attack. The pains kept coming and the voice that talks to me has started speaking again, this time it’s about me taking the regulars which are no more within my reach.
By regulars, I mean codeine and crystal meth. I take them for my elevation, far higher than the seven heavens, in a world of my own.

Since I got to this rehabilitation center and decided to change my life for good, if not for myself but for those who love and cherish me. My regulars have been taken away and all that happens is hallucinations and endless nightmares; of scare crows carrying tonnes of crystal Meth and Codeine.

Beckoning to me saying, brother come and have a drag and you shall be in peace. My nights are haunted like those of a slave of the belladonna, while my days are riddled with torture; result of the mental slavery that I gladly wore it chain around me.
My brain has become a dilapidated organ, my eyes are like those of a toad, and my skin has lost its sparkle which made me the toast of ladies back in college.

Drug abuse became my forte and I found solace in my own destruction, it’s not too late to save yourself, the Doctor said. My craving for the regulars has sky rocketed, causing me unending pain, the pain that precedes my change into the better man I used to be.

The battle of my life, the struggle for my soul, the pain I must endure and the fresh breath of air called change that will follow; eternal bliss.

written by Olayiwola Afolabi



April 13, 2017


April 13, 2017