Everydaywire me money Kpe Kpe
This hit single by Nigeria’s artist Kizz Daniel and Davido has almost if not totally replaced prayers on our lips. You will agree with me,that this isn’t solely due to the duo’s artistic prowess, nor is it based onthe lyrics and melodic beat alone. Part of the reason this song has consciouslyor unconsciously found its way into our heart is because of its theme whichtouches a critical situation in our society today.

Everydaywire me money Kpe Kpe
Most of the time, this song has been used as soundtracks for videos. The videos are that of the graphic description of the tragic end (be itdeath, madness or any other thing as the case maybe) met by the victim(s) ofritualists.

While this is not a new thing during an election and festive periods, the sudden surge in the occurrence in recent weeks has made it more alarming. Over the years, the major accusing finger is always pointing towards the politicians and business moguls as the major perpetrators of this act, but recently the cyber-crimegangs are gaining notoriety for this.

The rate of cyber-crime and other illegal activities coupled with that of prostitution is on the increase. It would be in no fairness to hide under the skin of unemployment and poverty as the cause of this. This crime gangs, a majority of those involved in this menacing activities are university undergraduates and myriads of their peers are making ends meet through legal ways, so what’s the excuse?

The affection and covetousness for luxury life has made cyber-crime almost leapfrogging terrorism as the number one menace facing the country. G+ as it’s fondly called, is the term given to the cyber-crime involving the use of voodoo, rituals, and all other things related to such, to enhance the success of their hustle. But as we all know, there’s always a price for reaching the top. It’s heartbreaking that our females most times are the price being paid.

Due to peer pressure, insatiable thirst for luxury life, most of our females have burnt the robes of morality. They’ve deliberately declined their virtue in exchange for wealth and other material things. This could’ve been a personal problem if only their lives are not also been lost.

In as much as majority of the victims are results of self-affliction, one shouldn’t fail to point out those that are as a result of unfortunate events like kidnapping and so on.

Just like the females, the males are also not exempted from this. Anybody can be a victim of unfortunate events. Also, the insatiable urge for sex and philandering activities has made most guys meet with their doom. Spirituality, morality, virtue, conscience and human feelings have all been lost due to vanity.

Before prayers, before God’s protection, one needs to play his/her part by playing safe.
Remember not all that glitters is gold,
Some might be diamonds
While some are merely polished stones.

Remember, not all juice can be sipped from,
Not all sauce can be tasted.
Even if you know the source,
You know not the constituents that makes the broth.

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Written by Olanrewaju Trimizy

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