How can life be so unfair?
Making the rich richer; the poor poorer,
Love been misused
Love not been returned back.

How can strange things happen unexpectedly?
The blind playing the musical instrument-
Perfectly well while the one with
Both eyes knowing nothing.

How can love be so funny?
The loved not getting adored back,
The right loving the wrong,
A person yearning for love yet never getting loved
The one with the heart of stone getting all the love.

How can man’s destiny be so played out by fate?
The literate never getting a job
The illiterate with all the job opportunities.

A woman being battered by the man she adores,
An orphan with no love,
An orphan will all the love one can ask for
A child with parents who lived as though an orphan.

Who, born in the flesh can understand
The mysteries happening underneath the sky?

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Written by Adegun Wuraola

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