My friend! My friend!

The little I have, we spend together
Either good or bad, we are both in the weather.
When your opposition comes, I try to defend.
When they hurt, I try to avenge.

I showed you your weakness
And you tried to amend,
We chill, we argue, we dine and together we pray,
Upon all these love and care, you betrayed.

My friend! My friend!

You never appeared as a foe,
As I never had the feeling you could hurt my soul,
You look so cool as you do appear like a dove,
You’re pretty on the outside, but ugly on the inside.
It’s no doubt that your beauty can earn you a seat by a king’s side.

Unfortunately, your bad wills for your loved ones
Will make you kill the king
If he fails to sit tight.

My friend! My friend! 

Remember me when you are in trouble,
For when I was disheartened, you were there for me.
For when I would cry till death, you were there.
For when I was physically down, you came to my rescue.
I will be there to save you, even if I still get the opportunity to.

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Written by Adesiji Michael


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