We were once lost, now we are found

We were once sick and desolate, now we are full of life

We were once fooled twice, now we are filled thrice

We were once deprived in the past, now it’s the aftermath

We were once wary of love, now we could discern from lust

We were once shy and timid, now we could soar higher and not fearful

We were once petrified of death, now our life is checked and balanced

We were once scared of falling, now we could hover over again

We were once frightened of faults, now we know utterly all

We were once terrified of the dark, now we know the bright right path

We were once at the bottom, now it’s always at the top

We were once nobody, now we are everybody’s big shot

We were once thoughtless, now we could see beyond the frame

We were once dreamless, now we could aim far more than the sky

We were once visionless, now we could see from behind

We were once hopeless, now we could create even without a line.

For when we can see what is possible and believe that it can come to pass, it makes us capable of doing the impossible. Therefore, be your best friend to the next friend available to you and remember you are where you are not because of God but because you never developed a desire to change. Step up your game and improve your lifestyle today and in all things glorify God; your maker for everything.

A Modified 2016/07/09 Article

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