If you notice the trend
Of stagnancy in your life,
Then be wary.

You are not stagnant because
There are no opportunities.
They abound.

You are not moving because
You have allowed an insignificant
Thing to stop you.

We make silly excuses,
And most times,
Those things that form the basis
Of our excuses are not there.

They are merely shadows.
Shadows we have developed in our minds
To probably keep us in our comfort zones.

So you see?
It all boils down to one factor.

Do we choose to move on
To other things life has for us?
Or would we like to keep being
With some success made yesterday?

If we want to move,
Like, really move on,
Then I think we should quit giving excuses,
Look away from the shadows
And walk on.

I’d have told you to walk through the fire,
But that fire you see is merely a shadow,
So don’t worry,
You will not be burned

Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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