Nothing is as it seems
Black and white
Which is black which is white?

Black and white
Which is right or wrong?
The future we boast of is a reality yet unknown
The past we rely on fades like a dying sun
And the present which we know is like a mourning song.

What about the present we were promised?
What about the past we were told to correct?
What about the future we were told to look forward to?

What is the essence of it all?
How do we move forward?
When all we do is take more steps backward

How do we explain the lies and pretense?
For I have seen the good when they are at their bad
And the happy secretly crying.
When they think no one is watching
I have seen the bold cower when it’s time to act.

And the righteous lead souls to hell
With their false doctrine which they preach
I have seen the rich give alms only when a camera is nearby
And Mock the poor they help thereafter.

The world might be a better place
When it decides to have nothing to do
With lies and pretense
Until then, nothing is as it seems.

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Written by Obinna Neboh



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