And here I am, lying on the soft spot on the couch thinking about how much I can actually make up for the mistakes have made so far. The truth about life is that, we tend to regret the past we have done just because of our selfish interest on our side. I am glad to let you know that it’s in those moments of solitude and loneliness we tend to find that missing rib in our life.

Life should be lived with more cheer for love than for any other thing. Now you realize how bad you have done, you have realized how uncaring you have become and how you have taken people for granted too long. You realize all these things and you don’t know what to do. I believe you have come to terms with yourself that all you need do in life should be done with uttermost care and with a good heart.

It’s hard to live life alone; you realize how much you need this person. Why not go for the best and right your wrong, make amends for the wrong you have done and apologize for your act of indiscipline.

Life is too short to live being alone, hook up with someone, have someone miss you and have someone call you. That’s the only way we can feel happy and glad about life. For life is like fashion; we all need it but at the same time, we feel we don’t.

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