Not until
the moment I saw you again, I thought everything had fallen apart, but only to
my surprise that your affection still sprung up in my deepest mind. For I
thought nothing could ever transpire between the both of us, but I couldn’t
help deny my feelings when I still saw you.

 Though you were not as appealing as I left you,
but you have become that exciting person I never thought you could grow into.
For am confused within me and I wonder why we are not always like these when we
are apart from each other. Besides, I still saw that love for me inside your
eyes and I couldn’t help myself but ask for a gesticulating kiss from you. I think
I made a wrong choice but thankful you resisted my plight. Shortly afterwards
we wouldn’t get to see ourselves for a while again and everything will get back
to normal. 
For the both
of us are not meant for one another to be in love, and I think not seeing one
another will profit us far more than this. Let’s keep these burning desire as
friendship for one another and never let what is not meant to be come to stay.
For we both still needs each other more importantly than being in love desire
with one-another.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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