My shoulders kept
high, my neck like that of a Giraffe
I never for once want to look at my feet
All i ever want to do was look ahead.
The moment i leave my “small me“, i know i am standing tall.

I never want to be anyone else, but me.
Where is me? I never asked myself until now
Me has to come out, the world needs me.
Where is me? Again i asked.

I am coming out of the shell,
It’s time to see the light, to be exposed.
I need not the darkness anymore
My image is ready to cast a great shadow on the world
Even when my femur is short, i can see far, as sitting On a tree

My shoulders are broad, my head held up high to the ceiling,
It is nothing short of “on top of the world”.
The inner me is visible to the world,
It’s high time i had started ruling
I have become the King of not just my area, but the Universe
Bringing myself to the top.

written by
Oparinde Samuel

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