For the
harvest of a man with passion is near, for here in life there are different
faces with different phases of journey to accomplish. For in life if you don’t
commit to your passion, where would you fit in, for everyone fulfilled today
were ones passion possessed.
Now listen,
people think coming to this world is to make money alone, everyone thinks in
making money lies the fulfillment of life, but they all forget to note that
there is something greater than money and that is impact. For few people are
passionate to establish and impact in life to leave a legacy. For one shouldn’t
be money conscious at all, else, the person won’t even be able to utilize it
when it comes.
For the
purpose of work is to learn and not to earn, this should sink inside our memory,
for the letter “L” comes before the word, meaning we should LEARN before we
EARN. For when you begin to learn how to impact and establish, earning is a
gift of perseverance, earning is the answer to your already questioned doubts.
For we all
should possess wisdom to think and therefore work to learn, not to earn, for in
this lies the true purpose of a great life.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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