A story to
be told once is worth hearing far before time
For what we
except of ourselves is less sighting than what we see
And we hear
not what should be said, but of what is appraised for
That we live
in a world where things happen on reoccurring-
Isn’t much
of what we should worry about but be thankful of?
I have lived
my life in understanding what should be known

Rather than
ranking among those poor spirits who knows not how to hold
For the
happen rehappen and thoughts; meant to be conceived
For we live
in a small world where everything happen in just a rush
Am sure you
still remember that stone the builders refused to use
And that bad
habit you were meant to refuse but rather you rekindled
You have
heard this tales not today or yesterday, but you still refuse
that stone now and begin to rethink and be convinced
That your
mere living on earth is just of a little time, all in grasp
And before
you know it, all is gone like you were being robbed of it.
Believing in
something that you consider your passion is all am talking about
Not like the
1900s curriculum which we know not the future but the past
A new year
should spring forth a new beginning on every of our side
That we may
therefore rejoice and be glad in our heart that we peaked-
Not in
things irrelevant but of things which are of utmost importance
That we may
sit and write tomorrow and have our works read forever.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

Blog post 8

January 14, 2017


January 14, 2017