Inside of you is the greatest secret of success yet unknown to anyone. Why is this so? Because you alone know what is going on. You alone know the trials you are passing through. You alone know what can be done to move forward. You alone know when to start, when to stop and when to rest. You have the better idea on how to change yourself and how in the shortest possible time all can be met. The reason why I postulate the saying that “we all have our own success recipe” is because that’s just the truth.

No matter how a person might try to convince you, it takes you alone to take that thought to your subconscious and let it reflect in reality. They often say “Pain drives out the creativity in you” That creativity only you carry.

At one point in time, you needed people to support your vision and like-minded individuals who would help you achieve your dreams on time. But it is so unfortunate that not until you take that quantum leap, no one is ever ready to follow your path.

If you’re depressed about anything, the thoughts of achieving your dreams should propagate a reaction of change in you. You wouldn’t know what you are capable of doing until you have tried all that your hands can behold.

Success is believed to be a game of the mind. Yes, it is but only when backed up by great steps of action. Use your pain to acquire something worth a gain.

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