Unlike some people,
I never used to find reading fun.
Reading was like a punishment to me growing up.

I was the typical example of the African man
Who you would hide something from
By putting it in the middle of a book.

But I wanted to grow
I wanted to know
So I knew I needed to sow
If I wanted to glow.

I tried reading my first book, but damn!
It seemed like the punishment I’ve always had.
But I discovered that the more I read,
The more things I had to say,
And the more things I had to write.

As I forced myself to read,
I realized that I knew more.
It was amazing how some of the words, sentences, and information
I met in between the pages of each book
Found their ways into my daily interaction with people.

In all these…
I have discovered,
That men who became really great,
Found greatness in between the pages of the books they read.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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