Brittle but with such creativity.
Subtle with endless nobility.
Endowed with a smile,
I believe can save humanity.

Engrossed in her profession,
With so much commitment
To ‘nurse’ hardened hearts to love
And broken bones to hug.

Quiet and cautious
But a loud character with courtesy.
A personality so sumptuous,
Making you so wifely.

Ohhhh… What a creation,
With so much perfection.
Undergone the process of fermentation,
Now delivering gratification.

Attractive with no extra gadgets.
So tender-hearted
I plan to make her my target,
To tend to my heart desires.

I have just little to say.
More can come if you pay.
As they say; ‘Like a pin in the haysack’,
So is your kind among women.

Written by Orebanwo Adewale


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