Loving someone who does not love you in return is the greatest tragedy of all times. The reason why I can say this is because you do not know the next decision of that person. Whether the person is trying to open up to you or conceal things from you; that you do not know. Just because we need to be loved, we do stupid things that aren’t worth the stress and later end up with the what-the-heck syndrome.

Besides not having a dream; I mean having nothing to pursue, love imbalance is nothing but catastrophic to hear. We get caught by heart trying to play wise not knowing logic should come from the head in perception that there are some decisions that mustn’t be judged by heart but by the brain.

The heart is so tuned to the pleasure of life that it often leads one to bad decision making. Thus, it makes one tired of going left when nothing is right and also stresses one of doing right when nothing is left. So the question is ‘why not give your brain a trial to lead you through?’

It’s true that you do not know the value of what you have until it’s gone but the reality is; you knew what you had, you only thought it couldn’t slip from your hand. What a pity!!! We live in a world where we constantly need to check and balance. Checking our lifestyle and balancing it with the love life we intend to have or made available to us by life.

With certainty, we all should keep an open eye to the heart that craves for us because only then can we find the missing piece we never had but hoped for.


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