Pain and sadness are natural
expressions and if they exist freely from our inside we have no choice but to
freely give them out. So also is joy and total happiness but then there is one
factor that splits across both and that is CHOICE.

You have the ability to choose how
you treat yourself, nobody can teach you to love yourself, you have to make
that decision on your own because the truth remains that for every atom of love
you show to yourself, you have same amount deposited in you to give to others.
Things and conditions might have
caused us pain and that pain automatically leaves a sting but it is our ability
to make the choice to Detach from that emotion of pain and move on to joy, see
it for good and appreciate its lessons, it might not be easy but it is
possible, because the only way you can properly relate with others is when you
have a proper relationship with Yourself.
written by Uju Chukwu

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