You have turned my mortal head into immortal
With your spotless smile that takes me
Farther away from my sorrow.

You’re the owl with a spherical and whitish eye
That oak in the hands of the tree
And see the entire universe.

Ololufe, help me navigate my journey
In the wilderness of life to the safety
Of your disarming love and warm embrace.

Douse the tension of my heart
With your damsel’s embrace and alluring caress
From the tortuous journey of life.

Disarm my fears from the oscillating pendulum of life;
Ololufe, turn me not down under the hills of regret,
Be my queen and take your seat in the right hand of my heart.

When the moon descends I shall tell her
About your presence in my heart
Even when you are far away in the comfort of your room.

When the sun appears in its full gait
I shall tell her about your unparalleled radiance
Radiating beyond the horizon;
About your promising future, you entrusted with me.

Have heard the moon speak about you;
About your beauty with no match on mother earth.
Waves of destiny brought us together.
But the planned art of God made it possible.

Olólù-fe, be my YEMOJA
Let me be your Yemi; my lover

Written by Maruf Nola


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