I hear people say; lost without a cause,
But what if I told you that’s a lie
Because you made me go lost.

Is it the good you turned bad?
Or the way you made me feel.
There was none like you
And the next thing for you was to turn your back against me.

Is it the memories you built then turned ash?
‘Cos for you,
It was nothing but a castle of sand.

Is it the heaven in hell you built?
‘Cos for me, it was nothing more than
An empty showcase of romance.

Is it the guilt you made me feel?
‘Cos for you, I was never always the right one
And I was nothing but a shackle of failure.

Is it the love built on the bay of an ocean?
One which couldn’t withstand
The rush of the turbulent.

Or is it the pain you made me feel?
One that keeps piercing through me
Each time I think of us.

You made me lost with a cause.
A cause that I would never be the woman
Made for you no matter how good I am
To your soul and the world.

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Written by Adegun Wuraola


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