Hear the story of Àkànbi the hunter;
The one that kádàrá was against
Throughout his journey into the Forest.
He was so unfortunate not to even kill a mice;
Someone said Ayànmọ́ was against him.

His brother Àkànni the fisherman;
That also chose the same fate as his brother
To only languish on the lake with his net.
His net is no home for the fishes.
Heard kádàrá made him unfortunate.

But the same forest Àkànbi couldn’t kill from,
Ọdẹlaní the son of Balógun killed Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn.
Àlàbí the son of olu-ode killed Ẹ́tù and ìgalá;
They said kádàrá was solidly behind them,
Ayànmọ́ didn’t forsake them.

Even the kids that had no net caught fishes,
Their stricken Àwọ̀n was beautiful to the fishes,
Against the assorted hook of Àkànni,
That has chosen the wrong kádàrá unknowingly,
The one that became enemies with the river.

We choose unknowingly,
The path to follow to the place of fate,
But howbeit if we choose wrongly?
Who should we blame for our misfortune,
Heavens or ourselves for choosing wrongly?


Kadara – A Yoruba word for DESTINY
Akanbi – A Yoruba name given to a male child
Ayanmo – A Yoruba word for fate
Akanni – A Yoruba name given to a male child
Amotekum – Leopard
Olu ode – Head of all hunters
Etu – Pheasant
Igala – A doglike animal
Awon – net

Written by Oyawale Olabode

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