The process of being in love is mathematical, only those who understand the term exponential can fully appreciate. Great moments happen often in the life of everyone but there is always a few who tend not to ever forget. Maybe those who earnestly seek for but never did came only for them to receive the acknowledgement when unexpected. It’s often said that loving someone is good but the greatest feeling is being loved by the person you love.

Those moments when you realize that lovely eyes and all you see is that bright shining light. Those moments when you couldn’t figure out how great things choose to happen in your life not because you craved for it but because it’s all that’s needed of life to show how good it can present itself to you. Indeed, the love of his life has come to stay in his unending heart. That one who would help him in the pursuit of ten thousand rather than the one thousand he is still trying to chase.

This love he has seen. For he won’t end his life regretting he loved someone who didn’t love him in return. He will rejoice truly in his youthful days because patience stood the test of time in his life which he yielded to. Because great things will happen to them both; he is ever thinking of what next rather than brimming about what’s left. For all he wished; he got. And all he dreams of; he is planning to get…With Her.

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