I used to think if I did more,
I’d be liked more,
And be treated more with love.

I used to think if I served more,
My importance would be seen,
And my value would be appreciated.

I used to think that if I changed myself,
I might probably fit in,
And then I wouldn’t be an option,
Or one out of many others.

Then I realized,
It is in fitting in that I lose my relevance.
It is in being subservient,
That I become taken for granted.

I realized I don’t need to fit in,
I am meant to stand out,
To be different,
And to be the only one of my kind – not one out of many.

If anyone sees not my relevance,
And treat me as relevant,
Then the problem is not with me,
The problem is with them.

Of course, I’ll change when I need to,
I just won’t change for anybody.

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Written by Okunsanya Abiola


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