My world not so perfect
Came in with life filled with prospects
Executing a child’s vigour before the dark day
Fell, fell and again i fell to forever sorrow
Didn’t know i would be struck at five
Everything changed when my legs attacked
A walker now turned to a crawler
Demise of a gentle nature
All pain lasted for forever
Right now, can see my anguish mocking me
Tearing my heart muscle by muscle
Kicking me down like an outcast
Not my fault but my destiny’s
I never wanted a life of agony
Yet i pulled my parents into sadness
One they are yet to recover from
Have been called less privileged
By the one i truly love wholeheartedly
Rubbed my limitations on her lips
And scourge me for my destiny
I am truly limited
For with my legs i can’t move to rhythms
Sitting like a crippled beggar
I moved with tears in my eyes
Invisible I wish I can be
Atleast won’t see the pity in human’s lips
And free I can be
From the deceit of loved ones
Hey! Snap out of it
Told myself in a strong tone
The world has always been the same
From slander to scorn to oppression
Its edges are filled with pain
Filled with souls of hate
Always after your demise
A must for their own redemption
I am a pillar of hope
To my world and great beyond
The salt of the earth
To flavour and give savour to all
My appearance might say otherwise
My look might be deceitful
Less privileged? Only physically
A genius mentally
I leave the world to its hates
The way to hell at its gates
I stand firm with shoulders raised high
Whence my hope comes from the most High
Give way! For my time has come
Your hate has taken me home
Thus, i wield the power of creativity
To mould my world with my thoughts
Inside me lie treasures
One beyond measures
Stronger than any form of tension
And all forces of life applying pressures
Doesn’t matter what am called,
As long as I refuse to withdraw
Into a world of self-pity and inferiority
The world will see my superiority
Limited I am in movement
Unlimited i am in achievement
Out goes the fear of hurt from my heart
And In comes a magnificent success story.

written by Tokede Daniel

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