We are
humans, isn’t it? Why then is it that we tend to pose threat to one another? Why
is it that we don’t love one another? For we come into this world alone, why is
it that we want other people to die with us? We should come to understanding
that we are just mere men and we are nothing ourselves, so let’s just bring
down our ego.
We are human;
we have those cruel feelings inside of us no matter how hard we try to curb it.
For no one is perfect and no one ever will be, why then do we judge ourselves?
Only if we could look inwardly and see that this life is worth nothing but just
love. For everyone is filled with this cruelty, the meek, the holy, the soft,
the tender hearted.
It’s left to us alone to stand up our feet and
fight for our right. Let your right push you to the truth. For we shouldn’t be
scared of anyone, we shouldn’t fear anything even death. We are ordinary people
who know not tomorrow. Only thing is to understand and respect one another
feelings. For there is no truth in a lie, you just push forward observing all
necessary necessities.
written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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