There is no gain without pain, knowing this will set you above what you might be going through right now, for when things are not going as it should be, it means that the moments of striving is getting to an end. Breathe within yourself and take that huge risk you have never taken before, set a new goal for yourself and don’t stop achieving little goals of which you have set down.

It takes only the patience to enjoy the good of this life, where do you stand in this phase of life? Are you with those who believe help comes from above without working or those who would work and say “I believe the help still comes from above” Take the plunge and get out of your own way, for you cannot do all things by yourself, why not tell it to the above who is above all.

All we need is to receive the holy air of ideas into our system and take our destiny into our hands. For you and I cannot continue to dwell among those poor spirits who seek neither wisdom nor understanding. The truth is bitter; better to be heard than rejected. All it takes to be that difference is in you, believe in what you carry, believe in your instincts. For all in all, when you are relentless on becoming that difference the world needs, you will later come to realization that indeed you did pay the cost to be the boss.

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April 9, 2017


April 9, 2017