There are sometimes in life one does not know the right steps
to take, one just looks dumbfounded within oneself.  You tend to look for love but no one seems to
be close. You close your eyes and see nothing, your eyes are opened but everything
happening all around doesn’t still make any sense. I guess that’s just the way
you see it.

It is best said that it’s when you need love the most you
find it hard to get one; that’s when it’s so hard to find that person who will
put a smile on your face each and every day. I wouldn’t say you caused this
happening, you sure found that one right person in your life only for you to
let it slip away.  Indeed, it saddens,
taking you a long while to tell someone how you feel.
But you
just sitting there and making no move won’t solve any problem, what you need do
is to drop that piece of trash and move on with the remaining lone survivors of
your body and heart. For another person who shares the same heartbeat as you is so close to
you, and you would therefore not have to worry again.
Put to mind,
you would see another person but in the same feelings of the person that ones
left you. Indeed you will lock eye contact with that person. I tell you now;
you would just put on a smile; for you have gotten it right again and learnt
enough lessons never to let this one fly away again.

written by Ajayi Olubiyi

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